Pandharkars Infotech Pvt. Ltd announces the launching of ALL INDIA DIAL which aims to bring all businesses together.

Last updated: 2022-02-18

Pandharkars Infotech Pvt Ltd (A company based in Central India assisting you in growing and branding your business) launches All India Dial - a business directory aimed at bringing all the business and other types of organisations together and making them as members of a Family. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” ("वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम") is a Sanskrit phrase, which means "The world is one family”. As per this doctrine All India Dial promotes and inculcates the feeling of helping each other, directly without a middleman, among the Registered Clients of the Company as if they are members of one family.

All India Dial is beneficial to the direct consumers of the goods and services on the one hand and the Sellers and Providers of Goods and Services on the other. It focusses on Taluka / Tehsil as a starting location level. Any type of business houses (Small / Medium / Large) can list their business on All India Dial for the Registration fee of Rs. 250/-only (For 2 Years). All India Dial provides only Listing of the Business and the Products and Services offered by the registered clients and it does not sell Leads or offer any premium packages. It allows the buyers and sellers to contact each other directly and complete their deals or fulfil their requirement without any middleman between them.

What does All India Dial Provide to you in Business Listing ?

•All India Dial provides listing of your business or activity on its portal website

•The Listing is in the form of a small web page containing all the details of the business, Address, Products, Contact Numbers and an Enquiry Form.

•Specially designed V-card is provided to the Registered Client for free for sharing on Computers, Tablets or Mobiles.

•The potential customers of listed business can fill the Enquiry Form, or can directly contact the Seller or Service Provider.

•The Registered Client can share the link or URL of his listing with anybody on whatsapp, facebook, email or any social media.

•He can use the link on his visiting cards, print media and printed stationery.

•Separate QR Code of V-card link will be provided to the Registered Client on his web page listing on ALLINDIADIAL company portal.

Benefits of All India Dial Listing include

•Listing will appear as a one page web page on the Company portal.

•One can send the link of his listing page to his potential customers or he can run campaign on Facebook or other social media.

•New Business Relations will be grown.

•The Taluka / Tehsil will be considered as a base location.

•The client will be provided specially designed V-Card for his business which can be used by him for introduction and providing information to his potential customers or for sharing on social media.